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About Cuddles n Suds

Cuddles n Suds is a family owned and operated Mobile Grooming Business located in the Conejo Valley. Mobile Grooming is a new style of grooming, that allows us to come straight to your doorstep. That way your pet is only away from home for about an hour. You don’t have to wait to pick him up, and your pet doesn’t have to wait in uncomfortable cages, making a much more comfortable environmental for everyone.

Our Team

Marlo has been in the pet sector for her whole life. Jobs including: pet store, animal control, vet tech, and lastly a groomer. She can offer advice on various range of pet questions

Corwin, the newest addition, has been grooming full time for 6 years and working with marlo for 5 years. He has gone to grooming school and achieved a certificate, and knows a variety of basic breed cuts.

Our Team
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