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  • Do you groom my neighborhood?
    Serviced neighborhoods currently include • Thousand Oaks • Westlake Village • Agoura Hills • Newbury Park • Camarillo • Moorpark Malibu
  • Do you have a shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin?
    We do! For sensitive skin we generally use an oatmeal shampoo! Our van is equipped with various types of shampoos and conditioners for all occasions and skin/fur types!
  • Do you groom older dogs, or dogs with disabalities?"
    Generally, yes! Except for some severe cases. Marlo and Corwin are able to assist each other during grooms where a dog might not be able to stand for long time. In the case of a severe case, we generally reccomend a veterinary. If we don't feel confident we can keep your pet safe and comfortable during a grooming session we will let you know beforehand that we can't continue. If during a grooming session and we think its become unsafe or your pet is too stressed, we will bring them back into you right away.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept the following methods! • Cash • Check • Credit Card • Venmo • Zelle • Cryptocurrency
  • What is your schedule?
    We currently work 6 days a week, but we are expanding to 7 days a week soon!
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